Dormen’s Legal Compliance
Dormen engineering Projects and Employment Services complies with all relevant and applicable statutory and regulatory requiremnts. Below is a list of all applicable registrations:
Company Reg No:
Unemployment Insurance Fund:
Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease Act (RMA):
Income Tax Registration Number:
Vat Reg No      :
Skills Development Levy:
MEIBC Registration:
APSO Member Number:
Level 1 BBBEE Supplier 
1997 / 016586 / 07

Benefits of using Dormen Engineering Projects and Employment services
You are two months away from financial year end and your senior financial manger hands in his letter of resignation or 1 week from completing a project that has run on very tight deadlines and a number of your skilled artisans leave for the local shutdown which offers better hourly rates. What do you do?
Hiring a new employee is not only time consuming but very costly as well. Countless hours are spent drafting the perfect advert for the vacancy, sorting through applications and interviewing candidates which more often than not is done by other senior managers who either need to be involved in finalizing financials before auditors arrive or completing the project that has massive fines attached if delivery is late. Below are the benefits of using Dormen:
Finding the Right Recruitment Agency
Finding a recruitment agency or temporary employment service provider is not only frustrating but time consuming. There are so many providers out there that appear to offer the same service but many a client has provided horror stories of the commonly known “bakkie brigade” providers out there that leave not only the client in areas of non - compliance( S 198 (4) of LRA -joint and several liability) which could lead to financial loss for the client but directly affects the financial well-being of the employees provided to that client who have been on the receiving end of either nonpayment of PAYE, Provident fund contributions or UIF contributions. Finding the right recruitment agency doesn’t have to be difficult:
Ensure that you appoint a recruitment agency that offers the specific services you require.
Confirm your recruitment agency’s track record with past and current clients
Verify their good standing with specific bargaining units. (i.e. MEIBC,MIBCO etc)
Verify their performance in your specific industry.
Where possible engage with past employees of the recruitment agency. These are often the best individuals to gauge your recruitment agency in terms of their ethics and service.
Dormen ensures that all positions that have legal requirement training are valid and up to date. Dormen will ensure that throughout the time the employee is provided to the client that these qualifications are up to date at no cost to the client.
Personal Touch:
Dormen ensures that every client and every employee has direct access to senior management within our organization. This means that a senior manager is always available to deal with any concerns a client might face. We have specialists in the fields of employee and industrial relations, payroll, human resources policies and procedures and training and skills development. This means that you are sure to always be abreast of all legislation in regards to all aspects of employment.
The screening Process:
There are number of steps in the interview process which could take a considerable amount of time. Background check, criminal checks, validation of qualifications, reference calls and preliminary interviews ensure that all information provided on the cv is true and accurate. Dormen will ensure that these steps have been followed before sending a candidate for interview with a client.
Getting the right Candidates: Dormen has a proven track record of sourcing the right candidate. With an average success rate of 98% meaning 98% of candidates that are employed carry out their function until the end of the contract.
Time Saving:
We source, screen and interview all candidates so you are presented only with candidates that meet your requirements. We have found that in this difficult financial time where jobs are few many candidates apply for positions they do not qualify for out of desperation. When using Dormen you will not be inundated with these irrelevant applications.